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28 Nutrition & Fitness Transformation Challenge

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28 Day Fitness & Nutrition Transformation Challenge Boosting Health Start in the Gut So much goodness happens when we start eating whole and real foods besides losing a dress size or a pant size  It is a lifestyle change and a mindset shift for longevity. Goals are important and need to be realistic and attainable. Also, understanding there will be obstacles presented. The obstacles are not for you to just give up. They are there to help you as stepping stones Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the other benefits:   ~Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings ~Supports hormone production and rebalancing; Improves fertility ~Improves brain health; Improves memory and clear brain fog ~Improves digestion; Increases energy levels; Improves the Immune System ~Improves quality of sleep; Decreases anxiety and mood swings  I will you get: ~Success Manual and a Recipe Manual ~4 weeks of weekly meal plans; 4 weeks of weekly grocery lists ~Dining out swap guide ~A goal Sheet (for measurements & pics); Getting started check list ~ Be apart of a Private Wix Group for questions and support ~ Daily Emails for encouragement ~ A 4 week strength workout. I have a you tube channel with demo videos Cardio Portion: Something everyday. Walking is proven to lower crotisol levels and is sustainable Rest Day: You must have at least one I usually charge $150 to do this in person! This is a sweet deal

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28 Nutrition & Fitness Transformation Challenge

28 Nutrition & Fitness Transformation Challenge

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