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How to Minimize Wrist Pain in Yoga

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

How can you begin to minimize the load being placed onto the wrist, the passive structures of the shoulders and the neck?

There is a concept called ‘Spreading the Floor’. This is a concept not only used in powerlifting and strength conditioning, but I have seen references in yoga books (very few but I have found them). I use this concept all the time and is game changer for people! Especially when taught the intricacies of spreading the floor or in this the mat.

You will get stronger faster and in the right places while minimizing the extra stress being placed in the wrists and placing it back into the peripheral core, central core and glute max; and the arms become an extension of what is happening from the torso.

This is a focused and active contraction on these muscles. Since we are learning about focused intention and concentration in yoga this is perfect.

Let’s say you still experience pain or discomfort while doing the movements where weight placed on the hands. There are compression dysfunctions that may need to be sorted out and corrected. You may have a structural reason where the standard placement of the body simply does not work for you body. You will need a different hand placement.

I am very skilled in biomechanics and human movement in addition to corrective exercise and P-DTR to help sort this out for you. The standard trainings out there do not get into this because of time constraints. There is a lot to teach in a teacher training. My trainings took me outside of yoga teacher trainings, so I could help bridge the gap between East and West.

If you have tried all the corrections in the previous videos and they are still not working you may need a one-on-one for more precision work and possibly P-DTR. It would be my pleasure and honor to help get you into a healthy lifestyle and hep the body functions more properly.

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