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Spread it for Stability

Here’s one of the reasons I call my #yoga classes StrengthYoga. I bring in strength and conditioning concepts into the class. The reason for this is: you can call #lunges, #squats and push-ups whatever you want (#utkatasana, warrior 1, 2, 3or crescent, chaturanga dondasana) At the end of the day these are simply #squat variations, #lunges variations and plank/push-up variations. #Strengthandconditioning concepts are essential to implement for stability and control and developing strength safely and for longevity. This video is going to go over the concept of spreading the floor. This help you create tension throughout the body so you can create #stability. I’ve done videos in the past about this but for push-ups and #planks. Will repost later. This is an important concept to not only grasp but to implement. I’ve helped so many ppl over the years with this simple concept to completely get rid of #pain. For some, it is this simple.

Questions or you would like help send me a message.

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