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About Christi

  • Her Story

  • Her Challenge​

  • Getting Herself Back Up

  • The Journey of Mastery

My Story

I began my journey into Strength and Wellness Coaching in 2004 as a personal trainer at Orchards Athletic Club in Northern Colorado. I quickly discovered that the textbook knowledge I had ingested during my time at Community College for my Assosicates of Arts degree in Physical Education and my Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Physiology would not sufficiently deliver the results my clients desired.  It did for a time, then I was getting more clients with more complex issues. It was clear that each client is an individual in every aspect; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

I spent the next 6 years diving into all my studies that I could get my hands on. This  included getting certified as a Master CHEK Pracitioner (IMS5), FMA Strength Coach level 2 and Mentor, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, Advanced P-DTR Practitioner, Metabolic Typing, Primal Eating, Thyroid Restoration, Reiki, Astrology and Yoga. These studies were primarily holistic in appraoch and required me to look into broader aspects of the human body including psychology, strength training, gut health, nutrition and mindfulness practices. I worked with mentors to deepen my application of that knowledge including industry heavy weights such as Paul Chek, Mark Buckley, JP Sears, Travis Eliot, Josh Rubin, Janet Alexander, and Chris Maund. 

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17 and carrying an awful lot of emotional pain that's waiting to be processed.

Took my health back and never looked back.

The Challenge

My awakening to the undestanding that I can take control over health happened at an early age. I learned quickly that the health care system is really about sick care and making money. I was only 17 when I made this discovery seeing a psychologist for bulemia. Any physical reason why I was vomitting was ruled out before seeing the psychologist. During this time I was also improving. After a few months of seeing the psychologist and was getting worse I remember what happened next quite clearly. The psychologist had said, 'Being a bulemic is like being an alcholic. Once you're one you always be one.' There is nothing true about that statement unless you want to be a victim. I stood up and said I'm done and I will fix this on my own and I did just that within a month. What she said went against my very soul. Listen to your intution. 

I took my health back and my dignity. Within a month of redirecting my attention I was free from bulemia. Not the emotional stress that would show it's head again at a later time. 

I read the long term consequences of induced vomitting. It's scary! Death and eroding my enamel and losing my teeth were what did it. I began my journey of health and fitness right then and there. 

This is my passion and purpose. Not just teaching health and fitness but also helping you take those self sabotaging triggers and turn them into stepping stones and not obstacles. 

Getting Back Up (Over and over ...)

All along the way there have been challenges. Challenges will alos continue to present themselves throughout life. My biggest challenges (and continue to be as they come up) are mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. If not addressed can and will lead to phyical challenges. 

Over the course of my lifetime I've had 9 surgeries. Five of them were organ related and four of them joint related; and all on the right side. Two of them while growing up; Six of them while I was married and one 17 years later when staying in a relationship I should have left. These are related to the emotional and spirtual reasons around the bulemia.

I didn't understand this until I began my studies at the CHEK  Institute. At the CHEK Institute we learn about the emotional, mental and spiritual reasons people are in pain, in addition to the physical. There are usually deeper reasons to the physical; especially the lingering physical pains. 

My mother's emotional and mental abuse, along with my brother's sexual abuse. There is more to the generational behaviors to be broken. 

There are a lot of slef-helaing programs out there. Mine started (and still practice) at the CHEK Institute. Sometimes you're not ready for that level or need something different so you can begin the process. It's an on-going process. It doesnt stop at just one, you're fixed and that's it. This journey is on-going and different levels. 

Journey's of Wisdom with John McMullen

Self-Healers with Dr. Nicole ~ The Holistic Pyschologist

ChaseLife Personal Development with David and Rachel Godfrey.

My wounds run deep and sometimes I've done professional help to aid in my self-healing journey. One of the best things I have done was learn astrology. There is so much in your chart about wounds, triggers and that there is nothing wrong with you it's mind blowing. It's why I use this as apart of my lifestyle coaching. It's a powerful tool used on combination with the other techniques mentioned above to empower your self healing journey.  

Your body gives you indicators that soemthing is up way before it turns inot a problem. It's learning to tune into self and connecting to your intuition and taking charge of your health.

I always say this while I work with clients "While I know a lot about the body; you know way more about your body"

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My check-in every day:

Dr. Movement

Dr. Nutrition

Dr. Quiet

Dr. Happy

I don't need any other Dr. majority of the time

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The Journey Back to Self ~ A continuous journey

LIfe is a roller coaster. One thing after another, it feels like there is no break. Or if there is a break it doesn't feel long enough. 

The journey back to Self is doing the Work.

Getting back up no matter how many times you get knocked down. 

We all got hit hard in 2020 and it feels like it hasnt let up one bit.

There is light. The light is guiding us in all this darkenss that is being exposed, globally and within ourselves.

This must be transmuted into more life enhancing energies.

Staying physically strong carries over into the mental, emotional and spiritual strength building.

Physical activity is powerful confidence builder. 

Paying attention and developing the mindfulness around our thoughts, breathing, hydrations, sleep, nutrition, and working out and working in instead of just mindlessly letting people and so-called experts tell you what to do without any due diligence on your part sets people up for sickness. 

Staying fit, strong, and healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is not only my top priority but it is also my passion and purpose in life. My purpose and passion to help you get on the path of longevity and vitality.

My days of self-sabotage are not over but I recognize them faster and I can make them into stepping stones faster than before. All of the courses I have gone through helped me at each point of my life. I revisit all of them at some point becasue it is about building a toolbox. You pull the right tool for the right job. If the tool is not there, I look within first and ask God to guide me. It works. It challenges your patience and your preserverance. This is life. 

I have put myself though key programs for mindset and emotional healing programs and continue to study the nervous system effects of unhealed emotional issues. Healing and breaking generational behaviors to become my authentic self is no easy task. Not for anyone. It takes a lot of courage and strength to start and stay in this journey. I get tired and frustrated and want to quit. I remember why I am doing this and how far I have come. I get bck up and get going again. You can too! I can help guide and coach you. 

Continuation of the Journey of Mastery...

I consider myself a lifelong student and teacher. I have on-going mentoring for personal development, emotional healing and all things Strength & Wellness. 

When I joined the FMA Strength Institute's team way back in 2009 when I opened up my personal training and yoga studio. I had no idea that Strength Yoga would be born dutring that time. The tag-line with FMA is bridging the gap between rehab and athletic performance. I had no idea I would take that to bridge the gap between strength training and yoga. While I no longer have my studio. I have come full circle and back to my roots of bridging the gap between rehab and athletic performance as a coach and mentor to current and upcoming coaches in strongman and powerlifting. Am I still doing this with Yoga? Of course! It just loks different. 

Change is inevitable. 

I have spent some time in the emotional trenches. My story is of strength and courage. I can empathize with people suffering with ongoing health challenges. As somone who has made mistakes, ignored intuition, brushed off unhealed emotional things as "get over it' and have come out on the otherside. The way I did that is how I will coach you. We make mistakes-that's how we learn. We ignore our intution and then we learn to listen. We realize that we can not just brush unhealed emotional things --they catch up as a physical problem. Life long journey of healing. 

I assure you - it is there to feel better. It takes time. Address the issues head on and applying discipline will get you there. I'm here to help guide and coach to turn self-sabotage into stepping stones. It is not an overnight success. It is not a 6 week challenge. It is not a 12 week challenge. It is a life long journey. 

I can honestly say that by listeing to my intuition, eating organic foods and ethically raised animals, exercise going into my 50's has been alot easier than it has been for some of my clients. I had a hysterectomy at 31 so I have been in menopause since in was 32. Going inot your 50's-- there is a change. My body can take on this challenge because I have health and vitality on board. 

After learning and growing so much, I have much to offer as your coach. I am so passioante about working with people to achieve their optimal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual potential withing themselves. It's possible! I'm a living example!

With some accountability, coaching, some discipline to change habits, to shift mindset we are on our way to self mastery. Taking the self-sabotage obstacles and turning them into stepping stones. 

Click the button below to schedule your 15 minute free consultation and get you started on a life of health and vitality.

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