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Online Personal Training

What is Online Personal Training

Suitable if our schedules are having difficulty matching up, wanting a more affordable option than one-on-one, you workout at a different gym, you are unable to travel to Loveland, are located interstate or internationally, here you can still work with Christi online.

These sessions will begin with an assessment of your current activity, dietary habits, and lifestyle factors.

Then Christi will tailor a program, coaching and guidelines to address these factors and work towards your health and fitness goals.

It is recommended you do follow-up sessions for new programs every 4-6 weeks depending on training experience and individual needs.

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Programming: Exercise, Diet, and Lifestyle Programs

Accountability and Coaching for the Ultimate Results


What's Included:
  • The Coaches eye and and over 30 years experience and building a high value skill set in human movement is priceless and structural balance training to help you on your transformation journey. Priceless
  • An intesive clinical appraisal to identify issues hindering your transformation journey. Value $120
  • We have a zoom session once a month
  • A recipe book with over a 100 nutritious recipes valued at $50
  • Accountability Sessions: 2 twenty minute sessions for any questions or concerns valued at $50 each a total of $100 via text
  • 10% off other online services
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