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Organ, Breath and Chakra Meditation Series

Learn how to sooth your nervous system and decrease pain and heal

Having trouble recovering? Healing? Weight loss?

Just seems that you can't get past a certain point? 

How are you really managing emotions and internal dialogue?

We all find ourselves here and it seems like we get stuck in overwhelm.

I have the meditation series for you! 

Silver Steel Plate

Chakras (or Zones)

emotions organs.jpg

Organs & Emotions

Meditation Group

Breath & the Vagus Nerve

The chakras are energy vortexes that are at specific spots on the spine. You can see on the picture above where each located and what body part it's related to. 

They also have relationships with the organs in the body, not just muscular system. These chakras also have emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics. 

When the chakras are out of balance they can create physical pain or emotional imbalance. 

In this series I will connect each chakra with its associated location in the body, emotional strain, the breath, and use yoga postures that will help bring balance back.

All yoga postures will be accessible to everyone and will be a stretch, not a strength pose.

Each chakra has it's unique sound, color, and postures. When we tap into those frequencies, the vibration has a healing effect and puts us into the parasympathetic nervous system, which is about repair and healing. We can then move out of pain.

How emotions affect our organs is becoming more mainstream knowledge and has already been observed in Eastern medicine. 

Unresolved and unhealed emotions can have a huge impact on our organs. This constant state of stress can wreck havoc on our mental state as well. 

Stress moves us out of our rest and repair nervous system (Parasympathetic Nervous System). It moves us into our Sympathetic Nervous System which is about energy out and break down (think fight or flight). Our Sympathetic Nervous System creates an important response, we just don't want to get stuck there. When we get stuck in the 'fight' aspect of our nervous system, we can't heal. We can't do both at the same time. - I would remove this or explain it. It feels redundant.

Each organ has a specific breath and color associated with it, just like the chakras. We want to tap into the organ's specific frequency so that vibration has a healing effect. 

We can then begin to heal and move out of pain and live a life filled with vitality.

The breath and the vagus nerve - The vagus nerve is crucial to the healing process. The breath is crucial. It's more than just a calm and deep breath. 

This is where specific release techniques for the vagus nerve come in. I learned these from Dr. Perry Nicholson, along with organ resets and tapping into the lymphatic system in his Mojo series. 

What is wonderful about what he is sharing is that it is to empower you in your own healing.

The majority of the techniques I will teach can be done by yourself and it's why I am so excited to share them with you in this format. 


Location: 154 Barberry Place and Zoom

Dates: Sundays May 15th and June 5th 

Start Time: 11am -1pm

Cost: $40 If you are a Non-Member of my studio or Legends

           $30 if you are Member of my studio or Legends

           If you are a punch pass holder for my studio you will just use 2 of your punches on you pass.

           No refunds but it can be transferred to the next meditation or towards classes 

Sign-up is required as space is limited to only 4 people in-studio. Everyone else will be moved to zoom and will send zoom link once payment is received.

Class will be recorded and sent to those that want it for future reference.

If you want in-studio please CALL or TEXT me ( 970.690.4917) so I can get your name on the list and send link to pay if applicable.

If you want ZOOM head to the pay pal button to reserve and receive your link


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