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What is P-DTR?

What is P-DTR all about?

How does it work?

What makes P-DTR different from other treatment methods out there?

P-DTR is a cutting-edge technique practiced around the world by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc…

P-DTR really is the most revolutionary and cutting-edge technique on the market of optimizing human neurology.

The most common questions by clients, patients and students alike:

What exactly is P-DTR and How does it work?

  • P-DTR or Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex is a technique created by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jose Palomar.

  • It essentially allows us to perform a functional evaluation of the nervous system and put into practice principles you might find in a neurology textbook.

In order to understand how P-DTR works

we have to first understand the basic 3-step procedure by

which functionality or dysfunctionality as it may be dictated.

  1. Input

  2. Processing

  3. Output

  • We have specialized sensory receptors all over our body that are constantly taking in information from the world around us.

  • That includes stretch, vibration, pressure, temperature, other noxious stimuli (things that are harmful to us); that information is then sent up to the CNS for processing.

  • The brain acts like a master analyzer and interpreter of information coming in from the outside world.

  • The last step in this procedure that this information is sent down the motor pathways and the ultimately dictates how we move and interact with the world around us.

Often times the information coming into the sensory receptors becomes corrupted and if the information coming into the system is corrupted then we stand no chance of producing proper motor output.


So how exactly might receptor become dysfunctional?

  • All sensory receptors operate at a baseline level of electrical activity.

  • Following a trauma this level actually increases, much less resilient to the world around us and the receptors become highly sensitized.

So, let’s say for example you sprain your ankle:

  • After about a week or two the tissue damage will likely heal itself.

  • However, the level of electrical activity coming into the receptors around the ankle would actually remain elevated indefinitely.

Now the reason that this is such a big deal is because the slightest touch or slightest increase in temperature could result in pain or weakness or altered movement.

  • P-DTR provides us with a blueprint to quickly locating these dysfunctional sensory receptors and reset the level of electrical activity going through them and back to pre-trauma level.

  • P-DTR is a completely non-invasive approach to healing that produces quick and long lasting and permanent results.

We can use it to treat all manner of dysfunction such as:

  • Acute/chronic pain

  • Digestive dysfunction 

  • Organ issues

  • Environmental and food sensitivities 

  • Cognition

  • Even the ability to multi-task effectively

By ensuring uncorrupted info is coming in the system for processing we can reap the benefits of a body that moves well and feels well as a result.



Some of the benefits of P-DTR® include:

  • Maximizes balance and stability throughout the body

  • Reduces or ends acute pain in as little as a single session

  • Achieves quick, long lasting results

  • Treats the problem rather than the symptoms

  • Optimizes athletic performance

  • Resolves problems you thought you’d “just have to live with”

  • Accelerates recovery from acute injury

  • Increase range of motion, strength and stamina

  • Eliminates lingering dysfunction and pain from chronic injuries

  • Improves muscle function and coordination in a short amount of time

  • Does away with the weakened effects of repetitive stress

P-DTR Session Options

This is a great option if you need that one-on-one attention. You may be struggling getting out of pain and still need some help. Christi is a skilled level 4 CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and P-DTR Practitioner. She is a highly sought after practitioner trained by the leading and cutting edge doctors and holistic coaches in the world. This is your chance to be helped by a leading practitioner.

Sometimes we simply need some tune-ups or what I like to call 'cleaning out the junk drawer' So very helpful for releasing those annoying little pains that do alter our activities or daily routine. It is about a 45 min session doing corrections and about 10 minutes of giving you a corrective exercise.

A single one hour session $120

If you want this to be a Gift Certificate. Message me after payment and I will get it sent to you

Please call studio 970.292.8313 or text 970.6904917or email Christi to set up an appointment

If you are a new client to me you must pay prior to the session. 

24 hour Notice to Cancel or to Reschedule otherwise the payment is forfeited and will need to buy another. 

No Refunds

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40 min sessions at $70/session.

If you want this to be a Gift Certificate. Message me after payment and I will get it sent to you

If you are a new client to me you must pay prior to the session. 

24 hour Notice to Cancel or to Reschedule otherwise the payment is forfeited and will need to buy another. 

No Refunds

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3 P-DTR Sessions

3 one hour session $297

If you want this to be a Gift Certificate. Message me after payment and I will get it sent to you

If you are a new client to me you must pay prior to the session. 

24 hour Notice to Cancel or to Reschedule otherwise the payment is forfeited and will need to buy another. 

No Refunds

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5 P-DTR Sessions

5 sessions $477

If you want this to be a Gift Certificate. Message me after payment and I will get it sent to you

If you are a new client to me you must pay prior to the session. 

24 hour Notice to Cancel or to Reschedule otherwise the payment is forfeited and will need to buy another. 

No Refunds

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Please call studio 970.292.8313 or text 970.690.4917 or email Christi to set up an appointment. 
Need something that works with your budget more? I have shorter strength and stretch sessions to help out. Just click on the button below

What our Clients have to say....

"Christi Sullivan, This has done WONDERS for me and she is gifted at what she does. Thank you for all your work on me. If you are in the NOCO area go and See Christi Sullivan.


I could bench press only about 5lbs 2 months ago from a shoulder injury in spring that was not getting ANY better and now I benched 380lb on the hammer press last week and 180Lb on the Bench Press PAIN FREE..


She is the real deal... Feeling stronger by the week."

Andrew Devlin

"So my hip hasn’t has ANY pain since our session.

That voodoo did my body good! Lol!

Question… Do you do personal training sessions also? I’d like to do some of the yoga stretching. It has really helped me to feel more comfortable but I’m missing the weight lifting. Could we incorporate some weights into our sessions? I’d like to do 2-3 sessions per week if that’s a possibility."

Chisa, Presenter

As a 68 year old woman, I had had chronic diarrhea for a number of years. I told myself that it was just something that was aging related and I would just live with it.


Christie was able to clear this in my very first session. In the four or five months since, I have not had one occurrence.

Perhaps, not quite a miracle, but it feels like one to me!

Thank you so much Christie,"

Gloria Edwards

"Christi has done things for my daughters hip recovery that no that practitioner could do.


She has helped her reduce her pain, prepare for surgery (physically and emotionally), increased her speed of recovery and so much more.


Christi is a healer in several modalities but uses them seamlessly to help her clients optimize their lives. Christi is intuitive, highly trained/educated and deeply compassionate for those that are suffering. She is gifted and I recommend her highly to all of my clients, often, since we have had had such a supportive and healing experience with her during my daughters recovery."

Kim S. Yoga Instructor and Annamae S. Dancer

"Christi, Thank you for the magical PDTR session. I went from major low back/hip pain to a drastic improvement.


Because of you I can bend forward & twist with out pain. First time in a month.


Thanks again!!!"


Jenny R. Yogi & Massage Therapist

Barely able to walk to first place in one session


Mateo is a young man. He's 20 years old and was in so much back pain he was having trouble walking. Lifting his knees up, squatting, and sitting down was excruiatingly painful. He's only 20!! He had a martial arts competition the following day. 

With a combination of assessment, heavy band mobilizations and P-DTR; he was able to walk, squat, sit and lift his knees virtually pain free. By the next day he was pain free and was able to compete. He took first place!!

Let's see what I can do for you.


Click on the button below for a free 15 minute consult. Take advantage of Thanksgiving Specials.I went back to old pricing for the holidays! If you would like this to be a gift certificate, message me after payment to let me know. I will get that gift certificate made up and sent out to you. 

What my Clients have to say....

“It’s crazy the amount of improvement I see every time I have a session with you. Any tweak or pain I’ve had throughout this entire prep you’ve always known how to help. Cannot stress enough how important this is for not only feeling better but being able to compete as an athlete.”
Alex King,
Professional Strongman Athlete and owner of Ritual Strength Gym
“Thank you again Christi!! I really can’t believe how much of a difference you were able to make in my shoulder, from a sling to training in 48 hrs is pretty incredible! You saved my butt 😉 thank you! 1000% I’ll be seeing you again before I fly out to compete!”
Taylor Grant,
Professional Strongman and Powerlifting Athlete
Thanks so much for your P-DTR yesterday! Wasn't expecting any of that when I showed up to do my accessories, but very thankful you were there. A very solid experience and 10/10 would do again. I'm sure Taylor is jsut as happy. Thanks again!
Ash Salato
Strenth Coach/Athlete
USAF Veteran

Like a little more of the details behind P-DTR?...


In order to perceive the external and internal states of its environment, the central nervous system (CNS) uses various types of sensory receptors which convert properties of the environment into electrical signals or impulses. The magnitude of these signals is proportional to the strength of the stimulus and does not code the quality of the irritant itself.


Each type of stimulus is detected and received by specific nerve endings, and the signal is carried in the CNS by specific pathways. Each sensory receptor adapted to detecting mechanical, chemical, nociceptive (painful), or thermal stimuli. Stimulation of a sensory receptor sends a nerve impulse (sensory transduction, i.e. transformation of a signal) and this incoming sensory information is then conveyed via the fibers of cranial or spinal nerves to their respective relay nuclei in the central nervous system. The sensory information is processed further on via pathways to the cerebral cortex or cerebellum. It may also relay to other parts of the CNS where it would elicit a reflex response or get integrated into a pattern-generating activity.

Nervous system activity may be seen as two sides of a coin. On one side, as incessantly incoming information, transformed by receptors into specific signals characterizing the external and internal environment, and on the other, as a constant signals from the brain which, in composite, control the effectors: muscles, glands and all systems responsible for managing the internal environment, as well as the process of adjustment an adaptation of the body under the ever-changing conditions of the external environment. The nervous system analyzes the independent pieces of sensory information into basic constituent signs in order to later synthesize complex identifiers of signals and situations and, ultimately, to generate a behavioral reaction (body positioning, centering, dynamic movement, organ function, etc.).

If the incoming information is correct and reaches the targeted area of the CNS, the body is characterized by optimal statics, correct dynamics and adequate behavioral responses.

A person with such a CNS is considered healthy on physiological, emotional and mental levels. Each functional system of their body works perfectly. The brain receives the optimal information from the environment and the body – i.e. from the exteroreceptors and proprioceptors – and generates an appropriate output.

What happens when a receptor distorts the incoming information? Since the body is a system of functional correlations, the response from the nervous system in this case will be incorrect (distorted), which will lead to a dysfunction.

Disease (dysfunction) is an inaccurate interpretation based on aberrant information, creating and impaired capability of the CNS to adapt to external and internal factors (physiological, ecological, emotional, etc.). P-DTR clearly shows and explains the source of the aberration in the processed information and provides the structured method for resolving the problem.


History of P-DTR


Dr. Jose Palomar, an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, and practitioner of applied kinesiology with more than 30 years of experience has found a series of general patterns between sensory perception and motor responses. He is the first in the world to have identified and explained these patterns, and to have developed and implemented a system of work on them.

Initially, Dr. Palomar independently discovered new ways of working with ‘reactor-reactive’ muscles (a term from Applied Kinesiology). The reactor-reactive is a dynamic problem where the contraction of one muscle impedes the proper contraction of another.

Previously, in order to diagnose the nature of the problem, two specific muscle tests in quick and proper succession were required. The test of the first muscle (the ‘reactor’) would cause the previously strong test of the second muscle (the ‘reactive’) to fail. Dr. Palomar found that such interrelation could also be established by a simple single tap (stimulus) over the reactor muscle, causing the reactive muscle to test weak or inhibited. Dr. Palomar realized that those observations were very important and started conducting extensive research in order to discover what other receptor stimuli could cause specific CNS responses.

Dr. Palomar later found that a dysfunctional receptor improves if another receptor is stimulated, and that these two receptors regulate each other. Not any receptor is able to regulate a specific dysfunctional receptor, but rather, the brain pairs specific receptor types for the purpose of regulation. The concept of receptor pairing applies to both normal conditions and to conditions involving dysfunctional receptors. In both cases, a change in the status of a receptor is regulated by concurrent changes in another paired receptor. Through extensive research, Dr. Palomar was able to determine the specific pairings interconnected receptors that the brain uses for regulation, as well as the precise stimuli corresponding to each receptor.

Today, Dr. Palomar works with many sources of incoming sensory information, such as mechanoreceptors (spindle cells golgi tendon organ, fine touch, vibration, pressure), nociceptors (neospinothalamic, spinoreticularis, spinomesencephailic, spinohypothalamic, itch, tickle, hot, cold), viscera, baroreceptors, brain nuclei, and much more. Additional research on a variety of other sources of data is constantly being conducted.

The method of P-DTR is unique. There are no analogs anywhere in the world that provide a detailed blueprint for the reprogramming of the nervous system. This system is solely the product of the independent discoveries and research of Dr. Palomar.

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