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My Approach

I always start with clients by assessing their physical body, lifestyle, stress levels, and sleep. If you're not assessing, you're guessing. 

My preference is to work with a client to design a lifestyle around trianing, eating, and sleeping that will maximize the imapct of our sessions

Thereby upgrading their liklihood of acheiving their goals and most importantly, being happy in their body and mind.

What I have found consistently with clients in the past, is they often start full of enthusiasm and ready to attack their sessions with me and any other programming, but over the course of 2 months or so, they start entertaining bad habits, put themselves secondary to fmaily, work or social pressures and eventually move away from their optimal outcome.

This is why I offer both weekly Training sessions AND Coaching sessions via zoom to maintain accountability to further develop self-discipline. 

Group Q and A sessions on specific aspects of training, diet, and lifestyle are also availible upon request. 

I am also able to make available to clients a library of vidoes and resources to help them along the way. 

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