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Astrology Lifestyle Coaching

Welcome to Astrology & Lifestyle Coaching

What is Astrology & Lifecoaching?

You maybe feeling lost or overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn. The energies out in the world today feel out of control.

We come across the same self-sabotaging behavior and the same lessons over and over again. We feel like "Why??" or You may be feeling as though there is something wrong with you.

What havent I done around this lesson that keeps showing up over and over again. These are phrases I hear and have said myself. 

I use Astrology and Lifestyle Coaching skills to help you answer many questions. This get you back on the road to health, longevity and feeling good about yourself because when we are feeling triggered or out of sorts we can find ourselves making not the best choices around health.

I look at your birth chart and your solar return chart along with the current transits. I've used astrology for myself and my clients to get through some of these tougher energies and obstacles.

We can see what is baked into the cake and the current transits so we can understand the feelings, the triggers, and the angst your maybe feeling. Once we see what is going on, you realize there is nothing wrong with you. This helps ground you so you can make sound and grounded decisions. Switching out ingredients so-to-speak. My clients like to check in with me and the astrology to make sense of their (our) lives. We can make healther choices with fitness and nutrition. 

What is happening is out of our control. We can take that information and make the best of it with what we can control. This is a great way to start finding answers to look inward for inner guidance. Which is a big part of fitness, health, longevity.  

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

Current Transit Reading

In the current transit reading I will look at your natal chart and your solar return chart with the current transits and how they are impacting you.

Where your current focus is for the year and how this impacts your natal chart as well.

30 minute session

In-person zoom or video recording.


If you would like a Gift Certificate. Just email me after payment to let me know and I will get it to you


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Recording will be sent to you via Google Drive

No Refunds or Transfers


Barb W. 

"Good morning. Thank you for the video message. First of all, you did a great job, showing the charts and walking me through. It was very helpful. A lot of things popped out to me that I've been thinking about and working on. I'm going to listen to it again tonight, and take some notes and really get into it."

More service options to come and more testimonials as they come in

Cosmic Pink

Astrology & Health Coaching Session

Astrology & Health Coaching Session

In this 60 minute session:
  • I will look at your chart at specific shadow aspects of specific planets that lead to self-sabotage.
  • Coaching recommendations with your specific goals in mind (workouts, nutrition, and mindset strategies)
  • Recording (if requested) and a pdf of the planets and recommendations.
  • This can be in-person zoom or a zoom recording sent via Google Drive 


If you would like a Gift Certificate. Just email me after payment to let me know and I will get it to you

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No Refunds or Transfers

"Christi Sullivan is a Master CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Liestyle Coach 3, with extensive experience in yoga and the healing arts and sciences. She is highly skilled, capable, an excellent example of her living philosophy, and a great teacher and presenter. With her as your instructor or coach, you are sure to gain wisdom, awareness, and body-mind freedom. "

- Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Founder, CHEK Institute

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