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5 Week Yoga Wellness & Weightloss 

Winter Online Program 2024

Namaste everyone! This page is also under construction. I wanted to get a details out; these may shift as I edit and build this page.

Weight loss and health are intrinsically intertwined, and most all real health comes from a calm and peaceful mind. This mind state is the goal of yoga ( or any physical practice that you partake in).

Strength Yoga is the perfect weight loss vehicle, as we can get really physical-- strengthening, activating, releasing and burning calories while calming our mind. 

My Strength Yoga Wellness & Weight Loss Program was not simply designed to lose weight-- it was designed to lose weight and keep excess weight off by bringing a complete wellness program into one's life. The design is to build muscle. This is an aspect of how weight comes off and stays off. So many aspects to health and wellness.

This wasn't designed to be a quick fix--this was designed to transform your life. This is designed to help you fall in love with the process and become a lifestyle. Cultivating consistency is another major aspect of weight loss and keeping it off.

Over this 5 week journey, you will:

- Discover a stronger, healthier, and calmer You.
- Strengthen your body, mind, and personal wellness and eating habits.
- Become intelligently selective to build better wellness and eating patterns.
- Develop clarity and calmness with a mindfulness and meditation practice.
- Start or strengthen your yoga practice.
- Learn to meditate and explore the benefits of meditation.
- Receive personal guidance on your weight loss and wellness journey because self-sabotaging behaviors will show up. This is where a coach is key to help you through them and turn them into stepping stones instead of obstacles. This is usually where people quit. Letting go and healing old parts of yourself is what will get you to your authentic self.

Who is the Strength Yoga Wellness & Weight Loss Program for?

Everyone who wants to start the New Year on a healthy note. Even more than a healthy note...a wellness journey of vitality! Anyone looking to discover a stronger, healthier, and calmer self. Anyone seeking personal guidance in their weight loss and overall wellness journey. Anyone looking to improve their general state of health and better manage their daily stress.

Who is this not for?

- Those who expect a “traditional” weight loss program that deals with weight loss only from a purely physical standpoint.
- Those who only have a goal of counting calories and losing pounds without any interest in improving their overall state of health and well-being.
- Those unwilling to look at the source of their habits which can lead to unhealthy patterns, stress, and weight gain.
- Those looking for a "quick fix".
- Those who don’t like immense physicality and expanded mentality.

What does this course include?

- Video discourses with Christi ~ Nutrition, Health, Mindset and Alignement Tips

(these will be recorded and uploaded on Youtube with the private setting. This helps keeps the price down for all of us)
- Daily Yoga and Meditation classes (These will be uploaded on Youtube. Private setting. Only people that have paid have access. I'm using Youtube because this keeps the cost down for all of us.)
- Guidance on food, eating, and diet. I will send out a nutrition guide for this. We all have different eating styles. This is where the Q & A zoom calls come in. You can email me the question ahead of time if you want but not necessary.

- 3 LIVE Q&A calls with Christi Sullivan
- A private Community Facebook group (optional)

- Daily Astrology Energies for the collective. If you want more personalized reading that is a different service and a separate fee. Anyone participating will receive special discounts for being in the community.

-Free access to my current live zoom class schedule.

-Current yoga students will get a significant discount to be apart of this community.

-Will find a day and time for in-person yoga session. Just once a week for an additional price as we need to compensate the use of the gym. 

How long is this course?

The course is designed to be completed in 5 weeks, but you will have access to ALL course materials for 6 months to allow you to work at your own pace and to integrate the material.

What happens after 5 weeks? Is there another 5 week program? 

After 5 weeks we are just getting started. Some people will be able to take what they have learned and continue to implement the healthy lifestyle, being more conscious of triggers that can vear them off course and self correct. BTW, sometimes I am not able to self correct. I have a coach to help me in those times. 

Some people will need more help. This is the nature of being a human being and having emotions. I will have 2 more additional 5 week wellness and weight loss programs to take us into spring.

Again, I am building this page. It will change a bit but the meat of it is here. Please message me with questions. 

The start date and the cost will be up shortly.

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