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12 Week Fitness and Nutrition Tranformation

When women feel strong, confident and empowered in our lives and bodies we can change the world
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Lose a dress size in 90 days with me

Strength Training with Me as Your Highly Qualified Personal Trainer: 

  • Lift Assessment to adjust any lift for your body. The lift adjusts to you, not the other way around. That's how you get hurt trying to force your body into a position it's not meant to be in

  • 3 scientifically designed proven programs 

  • 45 minutes each; 

  • Each program building upon the previous program

  • Each program focusing on Core Strength, Building a Booty while sculpting the arms and legs

  • Weekly group coaching calls for accountability via zoom for Q&A to help you turn obstacles into stepping stone

Training is either done with me via EverFit fitness App or in-person or both. 

  • Accountability if you go out of town for an extended period of time. People have a tendency to go completely off their fitness goals and never get going again. 

  • You might not live close enough in order for us to work in-person. The beauty of the digital age.

  • that will be sent to you via email as a pdf and also up on the fitness app so you can follow it and video examples of all the exercises with a brief description so you know you are doing it correctly

28 Day Nutrition Plan

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the benefits:  

  • Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings

  • Supports hormone production and rebalancing; Improves fertility

  • Improves brain health; Improves memory and clear brain fog

  • Improves digestion and immune system Increases energy levels

  • Improves quality of sleep; Decreases anxiety and mood swings 

  • Learn how to plan meal & prep to take this past the 28 days

  • Set and achieve goals by accountability

I will SEND you:

  1. Success Manual

  2. 4 weeks of weekly meal plans and grocery lists

  3. A recipe manual; Dining out swap guide

  4. A goal Sheet (for measurements & pics); Getting started check list

  5. Daily Emails

Cardio Conditioning or Aerobic Exercise:

It is important for your heart to get aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise does not build shape lifting weights does. It's important to still get it in and discover the correct balance.

  • I'm a big advocate for getting outside everyday and getting at least 30-60 minutes walking in. 

  • Walking is by far the best exercise for reducing stress, aiding in digestion, and longevity. If you have dogs you know what I mean (weather premitting).

  • What about those days you can't get out? This is where a treadmill, a stationary bike or some sort of stationary equipment is necessary. 

  • During this program it is recommended to get at least 2-4 sessions of some sort of cardio conditioning

  • I walk my dogs most everyday 45-60 min. On days I am not able to walk the pups, I am on a stationary bike or a versa climber for 30 minutes. At a pace I can keep my mouth closed and only nasal breath. 

  • Metabolically, this is better for you and helps you figure out intensitites that are more appropriate for you. It's not about being breathless or exhausted.

  • I have aerobic interval programs written out for you to follow. The intention is nasal breathing only. 

  • Most people are over-trained and under-recovered. I was a duathelete/triathelete for 20 years and never injured, never over-trained and I did only nasal breathing. I did half Iron-man distance as well. It's a matter of training.

The weekly group coaching zoom calls for Q&A for accountability and turning obstacles into stepping stones.

Monthly In-Person 

2 sessions per week 45 minutes

$1275 in full or 

$425/per month

(This is $53/session a bargin for


Message me so we can talk about the best options for payment

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Monthly Online 

With four 15-minute

accountibility coaching sessions per month

$250 per month

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