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yoga colorado with Christi at Loveland (

A Yoga Practice Guide for the Everyday Yogi!

is now on sale on Amazon!!

I'm writing an updated version. Strength Yoga using no weight; how some things change with the use of weights and a restorative option. You can use Strength Yoga as maintenance for strength is you are needing to take a break from weight lifting. 
I do this regularly for my body and peace of mind and it works!
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Benefits of this manual:

  • It is a teacher training manual for a home practice without going to a teacher training (teacher trainings cost thousands of dollars)

  • How to set up a personal yoga practice space at home

  • The basics in human anatomy, movement and how movement takes place

  • A sequence is provided for you

  • Each pose is broken down into

    • Set up for the pose

    • Technique pointers

    • Transitions into next pose

  • Expanded view of the Chakras

    • 7 main body

    • 5 off the body

  • Intro into Ayruveda

  • Videos coming soon at no extra cost!

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