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Yoga at Home

Christi's Strength

Yoga School

This Strength Yoga School will help you discover:

  • What makes a good practice and the principles of yoga.

  • It will help you develop the confidence and courage to enter a yoga class Or help you develop a home practice

  • Teach you the key principles to your alignment.

  • Develop strength and learn Squat and Lunge patterns (Utkasana and Warrior Poses); Push Patterns (Table Tops, Hi PLanks

  • Teach you to set yourself up for success and simple practicing tools

  • Deeper understanding to breath work and how yoga can help you decrease anxiety and increase confidence.

  • What the Chakras are and how they play apart in your physical, emotional, and mental being.

  • A brief introduction into Ayurveda Nutrition the sister science to a yoga practice.

strength yoga loveland colorado.jpg

I finally did it!! I took my practice guide I wrote for the everyday yogi and turned it into an online education course.

You have unlimited access for your learning pleasure.

My offering is to help you develop a home practice. My idea is to teach you about your body, your mind and how those two function in relationship to each other so you can support yourself with a home practice.


You are emotionally safe. I am here to help you. I am here to educate to help you learn about yourself and EMPOWER yourself. My idea is to teach you how the pose really conforms to your body; not the body you are comparing yourself too (which I'll help you shift that mindset too).

I am not nor is anyone else going to judge you about your flexibility, your strength, your knowledge of yoga--you are at home (this would not happen in my studio either, should you decide one day to come in). I am not going to judge you about your "yoga" pants or the size of your a$$ or your body.

I have added two more lessons at no additional cost. These are two yoga flows. One is instructional and the other not so instructional so you can get the feel of smooth.


The regular price is $197 and until the end of July YOUR price is $87.

This is 56% off!! A savings of $110.

Just click on the link below

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