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Heart of Elijah

Clearing Session

Heart of Elijah is an energy clearing session. Christi will be connecting with the consciousness from the higher realms.

Heart of Elijah is aiding us in our healing, transformation, and evolutionary process.

Heart of Elijah helps in dissolving various types of energies and dissonances that have accumulated over time both in relationships and the self.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • feelings

  • old deep belief systems

  • patterns of feelings, thinking and reacting in these ways

  • energy from relationships that have not resolved by other means

  • each of these can be removed from the clients Energetic Signature, which is transformed in this process.

  • All of this energy is transmuted into Love

Session length: 2 hours

Session Cost

1 hour session $100

2 hour session $175


help gain peace of mind and some clarity

Call or text my cell 970.690.4917 or message Christi for an appointment

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What People Say....

"Through both PDTR & Heart of Elijah, Christi has helped me clear out physical and mental blockages. I’ve received PDTR from Christi many times and every time she seems to magically make my physical pain disappear!


After receiving Heart of Elijah from Christi I feel a sense of weight lifted off of my shoulders from the mental and emotional tension she clears.


I always feel so open and light after our sessions! Thank you Christi!!"


Jacque G. Yoga Instructor and Student

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