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My Philosophy

Vitality for Life (also Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness) is designed for people wanting to enhance their lives by bringing mind, body and soul together.

​Christi Sullivan, founder and owner

Christi started her journey with health and fitness early on when conquered her bout with bulimia in high school. She knew then she would dedicate her life to helping people discover their innate power within themselves. Over the past 30+ she has become a highly qualified and experienced health and performance coach specializing in strength training, mobility/flexibility, nutrition, self-healing, and the empowerment of personal development, mediation.
She uses these skills to help others become the best version of themselves, inside and out, and to help them lead happier and healthier lives. She helps you focus on your goal, personalize your fitness and nutrition program. Christi guides you to conquering self-sabotaging behaviors to turn them into steppingstones instead of obstacles.

She is the founder of Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness and is currently doing business as Vitality for Life. She made this shift as she closed her brick and mortar building after the first year of the pandemic. Vitality for Life is more than just a name, it’s a way of life. A way of life she wants to instill into the community.

Christi bridges the gap between strength training and intuition of yoga to bring you a unique approach to health and fitness. Her extensive background in strength training, yoga, and corrective exercise makes her a highly sought after health and performance coach. She developed StrengthYoga as well and presenting this style of yoga internationally.

Christi has trained stay at home mom, weekend warriors, and professional athletes to excel at their sport and move with ease. She had the privilege of training AnnaSophia Robb to prepare her for the movie Soul Surfer.

She also served in the Army Reserves in a heavy combat engineering unit.

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  • A.A. Physical Education

  • B.S. Exercise Physiology

  • Master CHEK Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach

  • FMA Strength Coach

  • Advanced P-DTR Practitioner

  • Metabolic Typing Advisor

  • 300-hour Yoga Teacher (and creator of StrengthYoga)

  • Energy Healer (Reiki, Heart of Elijah, Astrologer)

  • Studying Medical Astrology


  • Strength Training (men and women 35+)

  • Flexibility/Mobility/Yoga

  • 35+women perimenopause and menopause

  • Lifestyle/Nutrition

  • Corrective Exercise (Core, disc bulges, pregnancies)

  • Weight loss

  • Mindset/Personal Development

What people say about Christi....

"Christi Sullivan is a CHEK 4 Practitioner with extensive experience in yoga and the healing arts and sciences. She is highly skilled, capable, an excellent example of her living philosophy, and a great teacher and presenter. With her as your instructor, you are sure to gain wisdom, awareness, and body-mind freedom. "

- Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Founder, CHEK Institute


“Christi Sullivan is a very gifted teacher and someone I hold in very high esteem. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with this beautiful soul, I strongly recommend you seize the opportunity and allow your life to be touched by her wisdom. She is bridging the gap between strength conditioning and yoga.”

- Mark Buckley founder

of FMA Strength Training

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