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12 Week Booty BuildingStrength Program
Lose  a dress size or two?
Have more energy and vitality

(and improved sex life as well)

This is a 12 Week Booty Building Strength Program for:

  • Beginners wanting accountability

  • Menopausal Women needing accountability

  • People unsure of themselves in a gym and the equipment who need accountability to build confidence

  • Women wanting to lose a dress size and need accountability

  • Women wanting more energy and vitality and need the accountability

Here is the program and your highly qualified trainer that will hold you accountabile to attain your goals.

It's a hybrid program. Online and in-person. Online because people travel (this is where people fall apart). Online becasue weather happens. In-person for the hands-on alignment and guidance; this can happen online too minus the hands on

You can start any time. Message me an lets see how I can help you

This program includes: 

  • 3 sessions at 45 minutes each for 12 weeks; each program building upon the previous program

  • Cardio programs to be done over 3-5 sessions on your own for aerobic conditioning; must check in with me for accountability

  • 28 day Nutrition program to help teach you success when it comes to nutrition. 

  • Sustainble Nutrition pdf 

  • Online access to exercises if out on a trip

  • Accounabiltiy

This is a full commitment to the 12 weeks.

We can discuss a payment plan on an individual basis.

Just message me and we can chat

If you would rather the online version because you would rather be at home and budget wise it's your better option.

Just click here for to check out my online version. There is also a  free workout so you can check it out. 

All of this version is done from your home. Lifetime access to the videos. This one is done in your own for those self motivators. If you need help you can reach out to me. 

Modern Gym

Small Group Setting

Since this is for beginners and people you are uncomfortable out in the main gym area, we will be in a small room for privacy to learn the workouts.

We will meet 3 times per week for about 45 minutes for strength training. Your cardio will be done on your own. 

This is similar to my online program except the biggest difference is that this is In-Person and I will be there every step of the way to help you with: 

* Master quality movement patterns. Think QUALITY not quantity (though there will be a rep range to perform)

* Establish movement patterns that will eventually become automatic. Take advantage of learning proper form

* Teach you the key principles to your alignment. Not everyone one's lift will look the same.

* Develop strength and learn proper squat and lunge patterns; push patterns and pull patterns

* Teach you to set yourself up for success and simple practicing tools

I will also be putting together a private FB group so we can share in the group as well. 

Organic Vegetables

28 Day Nutrition

Why is this only 28 days when the whole challenge is 12 weeks? 

At some point you need to plan your own menus. The plan for the 28 days can act as a template to help teach you menu planning and meal prep for the next 8 weeks.

I'm here to help and teach different ways of meal prep and what to do when traveling and eating out. 

* The Nutrition Portion: the first month is the 28 day challenge I do with my client.

You will receive:

    *Daily Motivational and Informative emails

    * Success Manual

    * 4 weeks of weekly meal plans; 4 weeks of weekly grocery lists

    * A recipe manual; Dining out swap guide

    * A goal Sheet (for measurements & pics);

    * and much more


About Me ~ Christi Sullivan

Christi has spent over 30 years in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, group fitness and yoga instructor. She has B. of Science in Exercise Physiology, A. of Arts degree. in Phys Ed. and is the founder of Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness and Vitality for Life, health and performance coaching. She is an international presenter, teaching about this unique style of Strength Yoga that she created in Australia. Christi is a highly sought-out professional backed by world leaders in the fields of corrective exercise, yoga, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and lifestyle management

Christi also began studying at the CHEK Institute to receive a Level 4 status CHEK Practitioner: CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 3.  She received level 2 status with FMA Strength Coach and became a presenter with this Australian strength and conditioning group. Christi is also an Advanced P-DTR Practitioner. Metabolic Typing advisor, Primal Eating from the CHEK Institute and studied with East West Healing in the Thyroid Restoration Program. Heart of Elijah Practitioner and Holy Fire Reiki level 1 for energy healing.

Christi applies advanced teachings to bridge the gap between rehabilitation, yoga, and strength conditioning fields. She also apples the advanced teaching to excel at getting people out of pain, improving function, and living healthier lives by using the intuitive guidance and as well as her education background. After all, helping people is simultaneously an art and a science. It is a progressive and an enlightened based approach to help you how to eat, move and be healthy.

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