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Room Temperature for Yoga and Your Health

At Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness, the studio in a climate-controlled environment while the studio heated it is not overheated. The studio is generally heats up to about 70-75 degrees in the winter, while in the summer Mother Nature blesses the studio and heats the studio’s afternoon classes to 75-85. I do provide fans to circulate the air.

I have chosen these temperatures to help you begin the process to enliven not only your body, but also the mind and spirit, in a safe, enjoyable manner.

While sweating is a way the body detoxifies, it is not the only indicator that you are or are not detoxifying. The organs that detoxify the body include the lungs, liver, large intestine, skin and kidneys. Your body must be able to detoxify at any given moment (the air we breathe, the products on the skin, the drugs & toxins we ingest), provided you have the nutrition on board and your stressors are under control.

When stress loads are high, one must be careful when exposing themselves to excessive heat and humidity. Think of all the stressors in our daily lives: nutritional stress, financial stress, relationships stress (business, family and personal), lack of sleep, dehydration, postural stress, weight gain, stinkin’ thinkin’, etc… the list can go on and on. Adding excessive heat and humidity to the body is another stress.

While some people are more sensitive to heat, others are not. People want to sweat because they know there is a detoxification effect, but what determines that you are even detoxifying?

When the body is under stress, we move into our Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), more commonly known as our fight or flight. It’s the yang aspect of yin and yang. When we need our SNS because it turns on many biochemical reactions in our body, but when we keep adding stresses and stay here we are not able to effectively shift into our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), we then create a sympathetic crisis. In other words, our systems (our bodies) begin to breakdown because, while in the SNS, the PNS is suppressed. The detoxification system is turned on by the PNS and if it’s suppressed by the SNS, you are not fully detoxifying because your system is already overloaded.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System facilitates digestion, elimination, immune function, growth and repair process, releases tissue building hormones; it is the yin aspect of yin and yang.

I’m not saying you can’t do hot yoga or that it is bad; you just might not be ready for it yet.

We want your experience to be a joyful, happy experience, not something that was miserable and defeating. Making the decision to get healthy is a great decision and we are only as strong as our foundation. Taking on a new path toward health is a journey of practice and internal strength and takes patience and kindness to one’s self. Just like acquiring a new skill takes practice and time to master, so does getting healthy because we didn’t get unhealthy overnight.

I am taking a unique, progressive and intelligent approach to the yoga practice, not based on tradition. I have an extensive knowledge in functional anatomy, corrective exercise and high-performance kinesiology and am bringing that into the practice. The foundation of any physical practice -- whether it be yoga, weight lifting, running, cycling, golf, etc. -- is a strong physical, functional foundation. We all have a unique genetic make-up and life experiences that have made our bodies. We all have structural limitation that should be honored and respected in order to get the full benefit from our chosen practice.

My one-on-one training is not exclusive to yoga. I have been personal training and teaching group fitness of all sorts for the past 22 years. We here at Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness are ready to support and instruct students who are ready to take the next steps in their journey.

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