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The Vitality for Life by Christi Lifestyle ~ Midlife Basics for Longevity and Vitality

1.Follow a wholefood diet consisteing of pasture raised meats, organic veggies and squashes, fruits, coconut oil , tallow, and naturally occurring fats

  • I have pastured raised meats delivered to my house. No V’s....and no antibiotics. If interested, message me and can send you the link. You will get 20% off for life

2. Exercise Daily: Mostly lifting weights as we need muscle as we enter midlife. This can start anytime! Variety is key! Push limits and train!

3. Take Control of Your Thoughts, Atitude and Mindset! Your perception of reality is a reflection of you. You decide how to react. Stop blaming and take control and responsibility.

4. Practive Daily Gratitude and have fun! There is a lot to be thankful for. Just look around your immediate surroundings.

5. Live your passion and your dreams. Push boundaries and your comfort zone. 

Don’t know how to do this? 

6. Be kind and have some grace for yourself. This is a new time in your life and it can feel daunting. 

7. CONNECT with like-minded others and be careful who you spend your time with. People come and go. It’s hard to let go of relationships that no longer serve either party.

8. Sleep 7-8 hours each night; black out your room and turn off electronic devices. This will be related to food and stress if you are going to get good or not so good rejeuvenating sleep.

9. Take time out to be by yourself, learn to turn off your monkey mind. I’ve been teaching and doing yoga for over 30 years. I can help you with all sorts of meditative techniques to help you manage stress. If you are in chronic stress. You will not lose weight 

10. Pay it forward. Do something everyday to help someone out without expecting to be repaid.

If you are not prepared to change your lifestyle, ask yourself this ‘IS WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING WORKING FOR YOU?’ If the answer is No, then something HAS TO CHANGE! Remember, take one step at time 

I have a 12 Week Strength Training and Menopause Program getting ready to launch to help you. Message me

I have other options as well. Just head to the website to see all my offerings.

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