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Speak Your F'ing Truth

If Speaking Your Truth Changed You and the World for the Better, would you, do it?

To speak your truth means being authentic.

This means loving yourself and your truth so much that your truth becomes more important to you than what others think of you.

This means by becoming this authentic version of yourself it will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Still choose yourself over anything.

By challenging your own beliefs then you are opening the door of your self-imposed prison.

We begin to learn who we are by unlearning who we were taught to be.

You may feel you are inadequate and lack the tools.

You lack nothing. Use what God gave you.

To live honestly is to be both a destroyer and a creator. Nothing stays the same.

The more you wake up to who you are; the more unbearable it becomes to be who you are not.

This is what spiritual work is, to look deep within.

Real spiritual work demands that we look deep within, in our blind spots and our hidden corners of our personality and remove unwanted patterns and attachments to find our real self.

I would write you a million motivational quotes.

I could show you a million before and after photos.

I can quote as much scripture or sutras as you want.

But the truth is, you have to want it bad enough to get off your ass and fight for your life while you still have one.

When you start this process, go easy on yourself.

When starting this journey of clearing thousands of years of outdated conditioning we discover it is not easy.

As you become focused on clearing your generational trauma; do not forget to claim your generational strengths.

Your distant ancestors all the way to your most immediate family, they gave you more than just wounds.

We can get caught up in the feeding of the problem by stewing on it constantly.

How do we ‘starve” it or heal it? Take action to heal and transmute it.

Most harm starts in your mind; with you and your thoughts because we keep relieving it in our minds and drives it deeper into our nervous system.

Solutions start with a decision and the courage to take action to implement the plan to attain our goal(s).

As we begin to experience some level of success and then ultimately self-sabotage is because we are comfortable with what we know—struggle—this is conditioning and an addiction to those feelings of struggle. So, we take steps backwards to stay in the struggle.

When we begin healing and begin setting and maintaining clear boundaries, some people, some friends/family, some opportunities, and some relationships will fall away.

You either maintain the boundary and become the strong authentic version of you vibrating high with love for you and your life; or continue to give yourself away to make other people comfortable with the old unhealed version or you that they like better.

When you raise your vibration, all that is not in alignment will naturally leave your life.

When you ask the Universe to go to the next level, don’t be surprised when every person preventing progress is removed from your life.

So, it begs the question?

What is speaking your truth (resonance, vibration, frequency) opens dimensional fields for the entire human collective?

What if it was for the highest good of all?

Would you speak it?

If you need guidance on how to get started please reach out and soon my Intuitive Life Self-Healing Coaching Course will be up and running

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