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You Can Always Just Drop Whatever Story You Are Telling Yourself

As with anything this statement is easier said than done

We all get intuitive hits or bits of information and at the time we have no idea what they mean, or we have no idea how it’s going to play out. While we might have a plan, we will encounter bumps in the road and delays.

When I opened my studio in 2009, I had my two dogs (P.D. and Lilly). These pups helped me open the studio and were by my side just about every day. Everyone loved them and at some point, I think the students were coming more for the dogs. Lilly was diagnosed with bone cancer at the beginning of 2013 and died towards the end of 2013 in November. Louie finds his way into my heart, PD’s heart and then the studio’s. I knew Miss Lilly came back via Louie is to help take care of P.D.

P.D. dies in September of 2019. He died on a Friday. I had the whole weekend to mourn. He basically died at the studio or at least his soul left at the studio. When I walked back in the studio on Monday. I just stood at the front and wondered how much longer I was going to be open. It didn’t feel the same without PD

Energy-wise everything felt different and I’m not just talking about not having my boy anymore. The world felt different. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I chalked it up to learning to live without PD. In November of that year P.D. sent me two sweet little girls. It’s been so much fun.

I tried bringing them to the studio. It wasn’t the same for many reasons. The girls’ inner ears were not fully developed so car rides were impossible, and nothing worked except time. The girls were home bodies and that was ok. We move into 2020. The energy in the world is becoming even more strange.

Well, we all now know what that weird energy was when everything got shut down. I brought PD up because his death was the start of the change in my world. Change is chaotic and overwhelming. Things must collapse to be rebuilt.

The old habits and what feels comfortable we like to cling onto for dear life even though it no longer serves us. This can create more pain. This was happening for me in 2020. The universe, God, Source whatever is your understanding is, was certainly letting me know the longer I tried to hang onto the familiar, the worse it was going.

I tapped out at the end of 2020. I simply down sized. It’s just me. I still personal train. I still do P-DTR. I still teach group fitness class along with my StrengthYoga classes. It’s time for me to do what I have been wanting to do for a long time. That is my Lifestyle Coaching. It’s such a big aspect of what I do anyway since people have their roadblocks and need help. This part of me needed to be nurtured.

I spent such a long-time emphasizing yoga that I forgot or neglected or put off as to why I got into not just fitness but why I went through the CHEK Institute to become a Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach. I decided to go through my posts when I first opened my studio. How different it was and how it transformed. It was not bad. I followed my heart and gut on everything. It was my journey.

There was a reason I was to emphasize yoga. I learned a lot about business, people, and most of all myself. While this is all still apart of my business model it is time to elevate to the next level. Which has been a huge learning experience. I have had huge gaps about posting. What is it that I want and where is it that I want to go? It’s why I changed the name. If I don’t take that leap of faith, the aspects that need to be let go of will become anchors and drown me.

Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around your answer.

The past few months have felt stagnant. I stopped trying so hard to keep doing the same thing just to be out there, b/c it simply buried me deeper.

I know what to do. I’ve gone through the personal development courses. Yet, I feel like I’m in a room with no windows or doors. I was drawn to a course, but I left the group b/c was becoming overwhelmed. I’m watched my friends with their content. I knew something was screaming inside was me to be seen and heard. But what?

Another course pops up. I know this person. Been following her content for a while. It’s a course I’ve been wanting to take to help me help others. I also, know that it will have some affect on me b/c it is about rewiring your brain.

I jumped on this opportunity. It’s the last time this course will be offered. This is simply the next level of learning and advancing myself. There were a lot of things in this 30-day program that I knew. I learned about the nuances that I didn’t know. It has already made a massive impact. It’s the little tweaks that can have the biggest impact. I can’t wait for the training.

My content is shifting as I shift. I am going back to why I got into this business to begin with. I am here to educate and coach. Does this sound different than before? No. The difference is what my emphasis will be. I have also made several posts talking about this and still didn’t quite know how to go about it. That is what learning is about. What works and what doesn’t work.

Yoga is an undeniably an effective tool. Not the only tool. You build a toolbox and pull out the right tool for the right job. Sometimes (most times) it’s several tools.

Note to Self:

Dear Mind, Be patient. Some things take time

Dear Heart, Be strong. There is magic in your fortitude.

Dear Body, Be Free. I love you in all forms and capacities.

And suddenly—

All good things started chasing me.

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