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Astrology and Life Coaching

How did I decide to make astrology apart of my life coaching practice. These past three years has been eye opening for everyone in one way or another.

Personal development is key for professional development as well. I have done a lot of emotional healing over the past 20 years or so. This, as we know is a life long journey of self-realization and growing to become a better person.

Over the years I have had my natal chart done. It was really fun to get the chart and read all about my personality. Though some things I didn't like that I had read. Maybe these charts had some insight. They did! I would puyt it away and not think about it again until the next crisis in my life that felt like it was a repeat. I would have other people read my chart. Similar insights and I was interested in the differences. I would go back to an old chart. I had made progress. Yes!

During these gaps in between getting charts done I was doing emotional healing and the work; plus personal/professional development. I would notice I would come upon the same issues over and over again. You begin to think something is wrong with you. This is why I began studying astrology. I learned a lot these past three years around astrology and myself.

Astrology has been used for thousands of years. It can be used for good and it can be used for not so good. The natal chart is the day, the moment and the place you were born. Here is your journey with free will attached. I like to look at it as "here is what is baked into the cake; free will are the choices you make for good or not" this is how we learn and we can switch out the ingredients so-to-speak, so we become a better human being.

What I did notice were the reoccurring themes. You know the lessons the keep reappearing. I'm like "I worked on those" not realizing there are different levels or aspects of the same thing. This is where the chart comes in again. It's so handy as a guide. The Chiron Wound. This is the wound we bring in with us. This is what we are here to heal within ourselves and then share that with the world. I wont't get into the myth behind Chiron in this blog. Just know this is where our self-sabotaging behavior can be. There are other placements that help me with this to help you.

It helps you realize there is truly nothing wrong with you even though at times it can feel that way. I feel you on that! I am starting to post on you tube a weekly astrology 'forecast'. I'm not predicting anything. I'm simply looking at the chart for that day and based off the themes of the houses and the signs give what what the vibe be for that day. You may resonate with that or you wont. The energoes that are currently being felt among a lot of my friends, I am not feeling. I felt those about a month ago. Maybe I felt all this earlier so I can hold space for people who are feeling it now. Super emotional. Below is a short video from the week of October 16.

If you would like a short and affordable session for current transits and what your chiron would maybe just head over to my astrology page

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