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Step out of Self Sabotage and into Empowerment

The energies today and this Scorpio New Moon is a big deal because this moon is conjunct (or right next to) the Sun in Scorpio and Mars that is in Scorpio right now. This moon, Mars and the Sun are in opposition to Uranus. This means that they are directly opposite of this planet that is sitting in the sign of Taurus. What does this have to do with working out and lifestyle? You will see..

You may have been noticing the earthquakes and fires in Iceland and some major fires that have erupted in CA. We tend to see more of this when this alignment happens. Uranus is the planet of unexpected and disruption. It is also a planet where we can feel the most unstable. Right now, Uranus is sitting in the same place as when WW2 started (Taurus 21 degrees!!!)

Mars is also a precarious place as far as degrees. It is sitting at 22 degrees Scorpio. This has the energy of kill or be killed or destruction.

Scorpio is a very intense sign. Its energy runs very deep and very transformative. We all feel it in one way or another even if we are not Scorpios. We can have placements in Scorpio that can be activated as the planets change position. This is why degrees of the planets are important. One of many reasons, so much to learn.

While I see the global energies and such, this is not what I bring to the table when I’m working with you. I touch on it, and it is important. What’s very important is how this impacts you! Your natal chart and your solar return chart.

You may be feeling this strong drive (Mars) to push forward. You may feel unstable, erratic, and rebellious energy (Uranus). Depending on which houses your Scorpio and Taurus sit in will depend on how this comes in for you.

Scorpio is about intimacy, control, power, money and sharing.

Taurus is about material things (in good ways as well), value of self, your day job, money.

Example: My Taurus sits in my 5th house. This is about fun, creativity, romance. Some overlap into the 6th house that is around health.

Scorpio sits in my 11th house, which is about community, thinking outside the box, being an individual. There is some overlap into the 12th house, which is about healing, endings, spirituality, and subconscious.

Am I feeling all that stuff? LOL! Yes! And it feels very chaotic and difficult for clarity. This is why a coach is helpful and writing in a journal. Everyone says, “I hate writing? I can’t write! Nothing comes out.” I get it. Sometimes I just scribble or it’s a big dump of junk before clarity appears. Cleaning out the junk drawer basically!

Anyway…let’s get back to these energies.

One more planetary body that is important to understand. That is the asteroid Chiron. Basically, these are our childhood wounds. It’s sitting in Aries right now and this may be bringing up wounds around confidence and courage. I am feeling them heavily right now. They are all interconnected.

Wondering where your Chiron sits in your chart? Message me.

Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs. This means they can be stubborn (good or bad); very stable, sustaining, persistent.

Taurus being an Earth sign has the qualities of being patient, sensual, grounded and in the body.

Scorpio is a Water sign and has the qualities of being compassionate, emotional, sentimental, and moody.

Being emotional and moody can makes us feel ungrounded and out of the body feeling.

How do we ground and get back in the body?

We need to feel these feelings and feel the body. How do we do that?

You guessed it! Strength Training, Flexibility/Mobility, and Cardiovascular

There is no better way to get back into the body than moving it around and often.

It’s getting colder since it’s Fall/Wintertime. We feel frozen and stiff. That means move, get the body moving, heat it up, lube up those joints. No pill will fix that without some metabolic consequence.

I’m cold too! I don’t feel like moving when I’m cold. This is the paradox. Once you get moving you get warmer, just takes longer. Of course, warmer clothes help this as well.

It’s better for your mind, body, and soul no matter how the stars have lined up.

I can help. Let’s look at your chart! Let’s discover exercises that suit you and will help create consistency for longevity. One thing I’ve noticed when people don’t want to exercise anymore is that they are not changing it up. Whether that is because they don’t know how or won’t ask for help or think that it must be the same all the time.

Your body is not the same every day. Your workouts can be different. It’s as simple as walking the opposite direction on your walking/run route. Do your weight training workout in reverse order. Do 20 reps instead of 10. There’s an infinite number of ways to do this.

This is what a coach is for. I have online coaching services available that include strength training, diet, lifestyle, and astrology.

Many ways to help you. Reach out and let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your goals.

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