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Why Does Side Plank Hurt so Much

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In this video I will be going over technique work for side plank. Side plank is one where students feel they have to be on the razors edge of their feet--this is untrue. Without the peripheral core strength when the hips to hang low and place excessive weight into the wrist; hang off the passive structures of the shoulder and then the neck has to take a bigger load as well. There are many options other than the hardest one. It's challenging in a group setting to do what our bodies need vs letting the ego win out and then paying for it dearly. When you lift the hips to make yourself banana shaped what you are doing is taking excessive loading out of the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck. When the hips sag towards the floor without the support from a strong and funcyioning perpiheral core; that weight is displaced to the supporting arm/wrist. If you put the knee to the floor it places the hips in the right place for height. The work is holding hips up when the legs are straight. You still must engage the upper body when knee is on the floor so you don’t end up using your arm like a cane! I hope this help to give you some more options to help you with your pracatice or your training

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