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Part 5 Wrists and Yoga Why Do Revolved Postures Hurt

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In Part 5 of wrists and yoga I am going to visit technique pointers for Revolved postures. Revoled or twisting postures are a group of poses that many don't realize that they just dumped the majority of their weight into the supporting arm. Your wrist, shoulder and neck will really begin to hate that as they are taking the brunt of your weight.The brunt of your weight should be taken up by the working leg, glutes, centeral core and peripheral core. Pay attention next time and simply shift your weight back into the leg and engage the glutes and central core more b/c it's their job to hold you up in the pose. You arm is a supporting "actor" not the main character;-) People have a tendency to place all their weight into the had because the are tired. Making sure that your core, glutes and upper back are strong is making sure that they are working in the postures that have the highest carry over into your world. Be kind to your wrists, shoulders and neck by shifting the work back into the body where is belongs. I hope this has helped you in your practice.

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