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Your 50's and Supplementation

At some point supplements are necessary. I didn't need them for a long time or they would cycle in and and out as they should. I found that there are certain ones that I need regularly.

You find this to be the case for you as well.

The greens I take and put in my shake is fabulous and is a product of Touchstone. It took me a while to find a greens supplement that was complete and tasted good. It's one of the few greens supplements that has sea greens added. This doesn't mean I don't eat greens. I do. This is a nice supplementation to help

the body recover and heal.

I am an affiliate because that is how much I LOVE this product. Another product I lobe is the Zeolite. It helps your body detoxify on the cellular level. Huge!!

Another company that I fell in LOVE with and became an affiliate is Ascent Nutrition.

Another high quality company.

The main supplements that I use is the Thyroid Support, Liver Support this is to help my thyroid as I enter my 50's. I had already gone through surgical menopause at 31. As we age things shift and the body needs more healthy support. I combine this with liver supplementation of beef liver, beef heart and beef kidney supplement from another company PaleoValley (I'm not an affiliate. Yet, head over there anyway. Great products)

I, also, use from Ascent Nutrition Majestic Mushrooms from improved brain function and helping your gut biome. A few other products that I cycle in during the winter and as summer approaches they have been cycled out.

Head to their website to check out their products

I'm going to try their pine pollen powder. Pine pollen is a natural bioidentical testosterone. As we age we all begin to experience lower levels of hormones. This is where supplementation of liver and other organ meats is essential. Plus, many minerals found in the Thyroid support. Anyway, a symptom is muscle loss and increase body fat. It's something to look in to.

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