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Going Beyond Self-Sabotage and Nutrition

Today I’m going to talk about nutrition.

This is a hot topic no matter what is going on. So many variables to consider.

The one variable that people forget or discount is just the basics. You don’t have this down just forget about anything else.

The other thing to consider is foods need to be rotated in and out. Some foods may stay the whole time, while other foods may have to stay out for a long time.

We are not meant to eat the same thing over and over again---boring and nutritionally not very sound. There is NO ONE food plan for everyone.

Food may be one person’s medicine while that same food to another is a poison.

I take that a little deeper. It may be a medicine for a certain amount of time and then can become a poison to that same person.

You may be thinking ‘she thinks way too much about food’

It’s not food I’m thinking about directly. I am connecting with my body and my Soul so I can make the best choices for health and longevity.

I do this with EVERYTHING.

If you are not connecting with your Soul and mindlessly putting food in your mouth, you are out of touch with yourself and are hoping for the answer or the result will happen from an outside source.

When I started at the CHEK Institute for practitioner training and lifestyle coaching, connecting with our Soul and teaching you how to do that was apart of our training. What a massive difference this makes in making healthier choices.

Doesn’t mean we are not going to run into obstacles and self-sabotaging behaviors. Just means when we do run into them, we are more likely to stop, ground, connect within and allow the chaos to settle so it doesn’t go into full blown overwhelm.

It’s a PRACTICE!!!

To be honest most people know that processed food is not ideal for creating and maintaining health long term. Most people know it’s fresh fruits, veggies, healthy meats that is the way to go.

Well, what stops people from getting to their goals? What makes them give up time after time?

Mindset is a partial answer. Discipline is a partial answer. Will power gets you nowhere fast.

Unhealed emotional wounds. The wounded inner child that didn’t emotional needs met. You now have a choice to reparent yourself to heal or ignore it and continue the merry-go-round.

This requires becoming conscious and developing awareness.

How do you do this.

First, you do need a pen and paper because writing down what you are eating and the emotional triggers that are going to come with it is how you become aware and conscious.

Ugh! I hate writing! This sounds like too much work!!

Maybe it is for you and btw –IT IS!!!! This is the hardest most rewarding journey you will ever embark on.

Oh, and I know the excuses will start coming. I have don’t an enormous amount of SELF-HEALING. It is possible. Did I need help along the way—YES!! Did I seek it out? YES!!

Second, you need to get clear on your goals or your desires or what your dreams are?

If you have no direction or clarity and are aimlessly wondering around hoping for the fairy dust to sprinkle down from heaven to fix your world---you will be waiting a long time and will receive random, unclear answers as you move into overwhelm and then drown out the chaos with a coping mechanism (alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.…) things to numb you and then you blame everyone and everything else on your circumstance.

You need clarity. It’s time to get organized. When you embark on this journey one of the scarier things we must do is letting go of behaviors, material things and people that no longer serve your highest good and the person you are looking to become.

It takes time to build. The challenge is tearing down the old and familiar structures that are a self-sabotaging prison so you can free yourself to become your Authentic Self, not who you think you are supposed to be for other people.

Watch my YouTube and get some clarity on how to begin and how to get the beginning questionnaires for free and the upcoming zoom webinar on How to Intuitively Eat, Move and Be Healthy. This will most likely be free to help you get started.

It’s important to learn the difference between and how to recognize your intuition talking to you versus an emotional trigger versus a physical need around food.


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