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NUTRITION The CHEK Approach in a Nutshell

Updated: Mar 20

As promised, my goal this year when sending out an email is to have the email be educational and informative.

Some of you know that I am a CHEK Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute. If you do not know much about the CHEK Institute and Paul Chek and the high level, advanced training I went through I recommend heading to the CHEK Institute’s website ( check out the training I went through. You will see why I love this program so much and I am very proud to call myself a CHEK Trained Professional.

For an optimal approach to cultivating nutritional health and well-being, please follow these basic guidelines:

1. Avoid the 4 white devils: white milk, white flour products, white sugar, and white table salt (sodium chloride). Choose organic, unprocessed, or minimally processed alternatives. In general, white foods are displacing real foods! Now, I do drink milk. Please consider the source. I drink organic milk, non-homogenized whole milk with cream on top from pasture-grazed cows. If I cannot find that I do not get an alternative. If I could get raw milk I would. But that is me.

2. If you cannot pronounce a word on the label—do not eat it! Use a food additives dictionary to determine if listed additives are safe; the dangerous ones usually are not listed but are usually present in products with tricky words listed!

3. If it was not here 10,000 years ago, do not eat it! It is probably a modern pseudo-food that will displace the real food your body needs! Now a treat now and again is ok. Be careful of letting too many processed foods and drinks becoming a regular part of your diet. The body never lies.

4. Avoid all pasteurized fruit juices. They are dead sugar water. Be careful with fruit juices in general because of the high sugar content; know your body’s needs.

5. The longer a food lasts on the shelf, the more dangerous it is likely to be.

• If irradiated, do not eat it!

• If pasteurized, do not eat it. This one is hard to get away from but do your best.

• If packaged in plastics, the food will absorb dangerous chemicals. This is hard as well. Do not heat your food while it’s in plastic or place hot food into plastics. The chemicals absorb into the food quicker.

6. Choose to produce and meats in this priority order:

A. Certified organic produce and Certified organic free-range meats

B. Organic produce and Organic meat

C. Locally farmed produce and Locally farmed free-range meats

D. Commercially farmed produce and Commercial hormone free meats

E. Commercial meats

7. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water (or Kg x .033 = liters/day)

• Nothing is a substitute for water! If you cannot see through it, it is a food.

• Store or buy in glass if possible; choose the top brands because they sell faster and do not sit in plastic as long.

• Health-giving waters in general have a hardness factor of =/> 170 mg/L and a total dissolved solid (TDS) of 300 or greater. Water with less than 300 TDS are what I call “naked” water and often cause excess urination, disrupting optimal hydration.

• Adding a pinch of unprocessed sea salt to a bottle of naked water can provide needed minerals and electrolytes. Celtic and New Zealand sea salts have been found to have the lowest mercury levels.

8. Follow the 80/20 rule: If you have read and live Paul Chek’s How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! I try to teach these to people. The principle that 80% of the time, your body can generally absorb reasonable deviations 20% of the time. You do not need to be rigid, just intelligent. Do your research into different people’s ideas and what they have to say. Take what resonates and leave what does not. That is what I do. We all can learn a bit of something from everyone. Especially from people we disagree with.

9. Always eat right for your unique, individual (metabolic) needs; following preconceived diet guidelines diminishes participation in a relationship with your body! We don’t always need the same food every day. We don’t always need the same amount. Listen to your body. Reconnect and develop that intimate relationship with you and your body.

10. Respect food as vital life-force. It is not simply fuel to bargain shop for! The foods you choose to eat become your eyes, your heart, your blood, etc…

If you have any questions, just shoot them over to me.

If you are interested in working with me head over to the Lifestyle Coaching page to see how that programs works.

If you would rather be apart of the 28 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge, head to that page to see what I have all set out for you. This is a great option. Please don’t worry about if the workouts are too hard and you are not in the right shape to be apart of the challenge. That is not how I operate. We discover what level and intensities you need to be working for you to get the best benefit. It is about training smarter, not harder.

Also, my last option is the 12-week Booty Building Strength Program. I have filmed 12 weeks’ worth of weight training videos. I walk you through each week with progressive loading with minimal equipment (dumbbells, fit ball, tubing and workout mat). I added the 28-day Challenge Nutrition portion for free. What you won’t get for those 28 days is me sending a daily email, otherwise, it’s there for you. Check out that page to see if that’s a fit for you. Once you sign-up it’s yours for life.

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