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What to do when feeling like an old man or woman

Ever wonder what you did that made you walk around in pain? Mateo is a young man. He's 20 years old and was in so much back pain he was having trouble walking. Lifting his knees up was painful. Squatting looked about impossible for him to do. By the time he was able to sit down he was in excruiating pain.

He's only 20!! I see this at all ages both men and women. He had a martial arts competition the following day. t was looking grim.

We start with the back story. How did this start? I tell most people "You are a living, breathing human being living life and have emotions, that interacts with people doing the same thing." There are jsut consequences we cannot foresee.

We have become brainwashed that as we get older we become broken and decrepit. As we are seeing being in pain can happen at any age. What will set uou apart is your mindset and what are you going to do about it that it to your benefit long term without pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals have long term consequences, over the counter and prescribed. Sometimes they are necessary. They mask the pain so you don't when to stop, it gets worse and you take more or worse, surgery. Anti-imflammatories block key amino acids that are crucial for the liver to be able to detoxify. That is another blog. Let's get back to Mateo.

With a combination of assessment, heavy band mobilizations and P-DTR; he was able to walk, squat, sit and lift his knees virtually pain free. By the next day he was pain free and was able to compete. He took first place!!

Let's see what I can do for you.

Heavy band mobilizations allow my to get deeper into the joint when stretching has little to no effect and in some cases makes things worse. P-DTR is my next step. There is a disruption in the system that needs to be brought back to baseline so to speak. Think of it as a fuse box and I'm reconnecting broken connections.

Head to the P-DTR page for an in-depth description pf P-DTR and to set-up a time for a free 15 minute consult.

Take advantage of Thanksgiving Specials.I went back to old pricing for the holidays! If you would like this to be a gift certificate, message me after payment to let me know. I will get that gift certificate made up and sent out to you. 

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