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Here are 6 Vitality for Life Points for Managing Stress

1. Identify your primary stressor:

Focus on reducing stress in the area that is causing you the most stress. Generally, the reptilian priorities are Security, Sustenance, and Sex. This is an aspect of the brain that is instinct based and rooted in fear. Alleviating the chief stressor in your life often creates a domino effect, wiping out or dramatically reducing other stressors in succession.

2. Make a Plan

Make a realistic plan to address your biggest stressor and set a series of achievable short-term goals, allowing you to recognize progress as it’s made clear. Recognize the successes of the short-term goals.

3. Fuel the System

Internal stressors only serve to magnify external stressors! Regardless of your primary stressor, maybe, if you aren’t eating according to your Metabolic Type or Primal Pattern® Diet Type, you will not effectively replace the stress hormones you’re using daily, which only causes more stress to the body.

4. Move Your Body

Regular exercise can be a major tool to reduce stress. When performed correctly for your particular needs, exercise in the correct dose stimulates an anabolic (tissue growth and repair) environment. In addition, exercise will help stimulate your parasympathetic system, which is important if you’re overstressed.

5. Direct Your Mind

Try harmonizing your thoughts, words, and actions with your goals, and you may find that this will help decrease stress.

6. Nature

One of the best ways to help the body to unwind is to get back into nature, even if it’s just going barefoot in the grass. It’s important to reconnect with our planet to help ground us.

You may find you need help with creating a plan. This is the first step in taking on self-responsibility and creating more self-awareness to deepen that connection to yourself. When you begin empowering yourself, you begin taking control of your world courageously and confidently. Curious how to do this? Just head over to my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching page to consider having me as your coach to help you with this process. Coaches work wonders to help you see and embrace your accomplishments and simultaneously implementing some tough love coaching to help you conquer self-sabotaging behaviors and shift them into dream/goal affirmative action.


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