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Why is it when I start a fitness program something happens and I have to Stop. I’m tired of stopping and starting?

Why is it when I start a fitness program something happens and I have to Stop. I’m tired of stopping and starting?

This becomes a common theme as we get older

Lets Look at Some Possibilites and Help Get You Stronger -

There is more to you than your workout

  • The stresses in your life are cummulative not compartmentalized.

  • They must be looked at and addressed when designing a health and wellness routine

  • Your body (physiology) might not be able to handle the intensity you THINK you should be doing and it lets you know.

  • What your EGO thinks you should be doing and what your body NEEDS from you are not always the same 

Physical Stresses:

  • Postural

  • Nutritional

  • Medications or supplements

  • There are more

Emotional Stresses:

  • Financial (relationship with $$)

  • Relationship with Self

  • Relationship with Others

  • Relationship with Food

  • There are more

Mental Stresses:

  • Very simialar to the Emotional Stresses

  • Obessive thinking

  • Overwhelm

  • There are more

Spiritual Stresses:

  • Disconnection from a Higher Power

  • Feeling as though there is nothing outside 

  • There are more

The past few years I have found it very difficult. It feels like there is always something knocking me back.

One thing to NOT do is to be hard on yourself. There are lots of changes energetically and you WILL feel them!

It can be discouraging. Especially, if you were gaining momentum and Source knocked you on your ass.

This has been felt recently. I felt it hard!

What did I do?

In this instance I had no choice but to stop. Pain was too much. Physical stress. It took my breath away. 

I rested and I stretched. Stay hydrated and nutritionally fed my body healthy foods.

I helped my body and my mind through it. I didn’t fight it. 

BUT I didn’t give up either!

Each day I recovered more and more. Stress went down more and more

Does that mean I go full force? NO!

My strength workout looks way different right now.

BUT I can still strength train. I don’t need to be in a gym. 

I have my body weight and dumbbells. Tes, I have a home gym but that is not appropriate for me right now. 

I’ll put videos up. This may inspire you. 

I’ve been working out my whole life. This is what I do for a living. So, I get it more than you know

I know I am stronger than that. I know you are stronger than that

We get up start moving and we start felling better. 

I strength train and I walk my dogs. 

I work with my body not against it.

The intensity will be that of working in to heal my body from the stresses.

My body (your body) will repond postitively.

It’s not a one and done. It’s a lifestyle and a journey

Need help?

Message me or head to my website

I work in-person and online

So don’t let us not being in the same town, state or country stop you.

We might just be the perfect fit.

Lets find out and join me in learning to nurture ourselves

I have lifestyle coaching options that include strength/fitness program that fit any level.

Just head over to my main page and start checking options out. We can have a free consultation chat to see if we are a fit for each other.


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