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Deconstructing Down Dog part 1 of 10

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Down dog is one of yoga's signature poses. It is also a deceptive pose as it is one of the hardest poses to master. We have people who find it very easy to get into and it feels like a rest pose to them. While others struggle and it's hard and it hurts. They get frustrated and want to quit. You also have instructors that leave their class in down dog for an unusually long time. Whether you find it hard or easy to be in, down dog is NOT a rest pose. Down dog requires a bit of strength which can be developed over time. The technique behind down dog not only requires strength which can be built but certain mobility and flexibility requirements to minimize injury. This is what is called Orthopedic Profile. The ideal mobility for foundation joints (ankle, hip and thoracic spine) and stability from control joints (knee, low back and shoulder). In this next series of blogs/vlogs I will be going over what the requirements are and how to adjust in the classroom. One-on-one work may be required to help enhance the mobility aspect of the foundation joints and specific exercises may have to be given to create stability around the control joints

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